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Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to procrastinate effectively

Burned out? Dreading doing that paper? I'm sure as a student, we've all been in that type of situation before. It finally hit me this past week how I can use that dread more effectively to motivate me to use my time wisely. There's only x number of hours in a week. To be super efficient and do the work you have to do in a short time would be terrific. Here's how you can use your procrastination skills to your advantage:

1) Choose a paper or project that requires minimal effort. By this, I mean, it's not a large part of your grade and no matter how much time you spend on it, you'll probably get the same grade anyway. For me, that's my pathology essay. Spending 8 hours vs spending 4 hours has gotten me only a 0.5 difference in grades. The tradeoff in time was not worth it.

2) Plan how long you need to complete said project. Overestimate by 30% for good measure.

3) The day before it's due: Decide on a time to start your paper. Choose the latest time possible to give yourself the extra epinephrine to get you through the night. Nothing works like a deadline to get my booty in gear.

4) Relax the rest of the day and enjoy planned procrastination activity until it's time to do the project.

5) Complete project in allotted time giving yourself a few more hours for good measure.

My first how-to. Hope it's been helpful. Please leave me comments so I can improve my writing skills. Thanks!